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April 7, 2013
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COLORIMETRY : bye. by mazuchi COLORIMETRY : bye. by mazuchi
SORRY FOR ALWAYS SPAMMING THIS SHEET ON YOUR INBOX.. i rly wasnt satisfied with my app layout so i redid..aha..haha..
sorry :icongtthplz:

:iconcolorimetry: :iconfabulousplz:

Thank you :iconhammustar: and :iconkelcake: for the invite ///

Name: Ignis
Nicknames Given: Princess | Nis | Iggy.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height/ Weight: 5"9cm || 60kg
Nationality: GermanRussian
Faction: BW
Color codes: #-(#4D4D4D) Grey 30 #-(8B0000) Dark Red

Personality :

~ Rather foul mouth and blunt as he rarely filters his words before shooting it out. He often gives a 'I dont give a fuck what happens to you' impression and mostly apathetic, could be seen as a person who seems cool and calm first impression but that doesn't level to his fiery temper once you spend more time with him. Mood swings like a pendulum but despite that has rational to his words and often scolds people when they're in the wrong. His own idea and thoughts matter more to him than listening to others, especially when it comes to human emotions. He would prefer not to have any at all as it would save the trouble of understanding other people.

~ Quite stubborn.

~ Has a rather sadistic nature, and often compares human to animals. Also quite an actor.. he pretends to be nice, or lies to you when he feels like it.

~ Only listens to the leader of the faction or high ranked people. Respect. o/

~ His reflex kicks in really fast so fist comes first before he thinks. Be careful when you decide to tap him from the back~

His mother, a retired scientist was one of the people who was diagnosed with Chromatism whereas his father was just a normal man. After he was born, his mother was unable to take care of him, and she would like to keep her condition a secret from her husband in order to save the relationship, knowing that his husband was one of the people who were prejudiced against the chromatic people, thus sending her son off to an orphanage. It was the best decision for her as she knew the orphanage was merely a disguise for a Project Nimbus. She used to be part of it till she became one herself.

Within Chromatica, this was a facility that was used to train and study those who were diagnosed with Chromatism. Their birth certificates and proof of existence has been erased and replaced with new names, ID and so forth. He was given the name Ignis,
which meant to "Ignite" or "Fire". He never knows his parents are alive or not, neither did he try to find them. He simply made the conclusion that his parents abandoned him.

He though, among all the other Chromatics was exceptional, due to his "different" ability and slightly weaker ability. Because of that, he was specifically trained to use weapons and mainly involving jobs such as stealing and infiltration. He was taught how to break in, unlock vault and all those jazz as his abilities were considered rare but weak. The other children despised him, because he was unable to have his own core ability and could only use other existing abilities through touch and mainly because he worked hard to strive. He also seems to be quite intelligent despite his behaviour.

He successfully completed the program and was dispatched to BW, where he now works.

fullstorytba OLOLOL/lazy

Does not really have a life out of faction, as he dedicates his job here as a mafioso in BW ~

Role in the Faction : Infiltrator. He specialises in breaking in to a place during missions without detection and great at lock-picking and sometimes espionage while breaking in. Good at stealing identities and acting.

Weapon Mastery
Blade and knife user. Great at throwing knives, precise aim... Also finds it less messy and noisy than gun. Cleaner kill too. Carries a gun as well, just incase. Has various type of knives hidden within his coat and vest, and some other secret compartments incase he was stripped off his weapons. Also has close hand-to-hand combat skills, cause it compliments his knife usage.

Ability Theft
He has the ability to steal powers of those he touches, in other words borrow their power. For a limited amount of time he would be able to use the person's ability. Leaves a side effect on him every time he uses though.

    Limitations : May need touch. One power at a time only Useless if there are no other people with powers. Ability weaknesses may also be transferred. May be unable to control absorbed abilities... The power absorbed is only 1/4 so its pretty weak. May be countered by Power Immunity.

Other information:
-completely bleached his hair red because he finds his original hair color annoying.
-wears a glove so its okay to touch. Useless against ppl with no power.
-eyes become green when ability in use, and goes back to red when power depletes... his eyes is the indicator or sth LOL
-the only point he can absorb is from his fingertips /hand... not anywhere else
-hair turns ash color each time he uses his power, his skin starts losing color, as if desaturating, and once he becomes completely desaturated, probably means death.
-likes collecting rings.
-always seem like he is angry...which is partly true.
- real name hint for now is his last name is Yuriev.
- carries at minimal 10 knives 8)
-casual clothing - sleeveless hoodie… , black tshirt and baggy black pants. :iconcoolplz:

the app will update more as i get to know him more :iconfabulousplz:…

for more refs!
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Shinju-Tsukuda Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
He is so lovely! :la:

His personality to me seems very fun hurr and not to mention how sexy he is. :heart:
mazuchi Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:iconpapcryplz: thank you// i am flattered with your comment aiya////

trust me he is so hard to communicate with :iconmanweepplz:
how to not offend people adgahjsdad

a-are you planning to join for the next enrollment?
Shinju-Tsukuda Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
your welcome you most deserve it. :la:
yus but its what make it so fun to get to know him. <3

I would love to join its one of the group I really want to join badly.also has no clue when is the next enrollment. ;w;
mazuchi Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wgjahgsdkl/// HAHAA omgosh he is fun to develop though hehe
there is so much room for development for him i believe//

i have no idea as well probably in 3 months? im not sure what the founder has in mind yet
but i'd love to see you join//// any factions youre interested in?
Shinju-Tsukuda Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah there is many way you can develop him from which is why I found him irresistibly attractive physically and mentally. :iconlachoirplz:

I hope I will have time by then if the founder open soon cuz I will have more time in summer then in Fall with 6 College class that's gonna make me cry as hell since its my last year before I transfer to a UC. ;w;
I had looked up all the factions and it seems I took a lot interest in BW out off all the faction.If I ever get in I will be screaming XD
mazuchi Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
im still quite bad at rping him tho despite having the perfect imagery of how he is suppose to be
i need to work on that SOB//// it depresses me how i cant execute or portray him as accurate or possible :icondeadbodyplz:

AND OH DAMN-- :iconslashshockplz: goodluck ammmgg///
Shinju-Tsukuda Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nah its nothing he just to amazing so no need to thank meh. <3
That happens to me at time when I try with my Oc too.;w;
Thanks,I hope I won't die.
I love gun mostly sniper guns :la:
shh is thinking of a way to sketch him hehekeke. :iconhurrplz:
hmm I have this Idea in my head that I should try and make a series of the faction bosses in the one I did for BW leader. :love:
mazuchi Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
asdjjashd :iconhnnghplz: Im not very good at accepting praises im sorry /accepts it like a man i am okok /HIT

omg yes yes yes.....

omg do show me when you are done i am excited to see :iconwantplz:
..........WHOA WHOA REALLY AJSHAKS :iconcannotevenplz: i cant wait////
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DimForce Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You no it is very rude to not look at a person when they are talking to you....
mazuchi Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh you were? :iconhesmirkplz:
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