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August 27, 2013
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GT : Ethan.. by mazuchi GT : Ethan.. by mazuchi
:new: updated with alt form fullbod :icongtthplz: for normal.. maybe next time :iconmingplz:

Name : Lemieux, Ethan
Nicknames : Eth, E-tan, Senpai, niichan, Ethan-nii, deadpan-kun, e-tan chan senpai
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Nationality: Eurasian (Japanese French)
Year: Senior 

Alias: Naito (Knight) ナイト -Knight (chess piece)
Element: Water
Weapon: Claw Gauntlets

A set of claw fingers attached onto his bony lower arm, making it a pair of sharp gauntlets. The bony arm is magnetically bound close together. This makes him a close-range fighter. However, he is able to detach his arms and throw it to his enemy. (though the only catch is he becomes vulnerable at this state)

Level: 1
STR 15 | SPD 18 | 
VIT 10 | DEF 10 | 


Damare : (Regular Skill) Quickly claws his opponent before leaping back (but has to be close-range, and his defense is pretty low)

Immerse : (Special Skill) Focuses his energy on his left arm, analyzing the size of the opponent before throwing it towards the opponent. The claws quickly enlarges itself to the desired size of the opponent, and depending on the speed of the opponent (or maybe luck by rolling a dice head being hit and tail being miss), it binds the opponent, making it impossible for the opponent to move for a short amount of time. He loses majority of his stamina after using this skill, making him vulnerable. With current level and stat, he can only use this special skill once, losing about 53% of his stamina and vitality when he throws this skill. This wears him down alot, so his performance would be weakened. (due to fatigue, lower chance to dodge, and speed(running especially, decreases)


Ethan is a quiet and patient, as calm as water and an expressionless individual. He often wears the same expression on his face, no matter how he feels at the moment. This is usually the reason that nobody talks much to him, because he seems like he is annoyed or angry when he really isn't. He rarely shows expressions, but that does not mean he is incapable of doing so. Quite a brotherly and family person, he is kind to people younger than him, as he also often dotes his brother.

Generally a wallflower, he is comfortable of being that way. He does not mind being alone nor he even minds being around people. He does not seek for attention or pushes anyone away, as he sees that people are free to make their decision whether or not they want to make friends with him. He likes to listen to others more than to speak himself, as he finds it interesting to learn about another person and listening to their thoughts and experiences. Sometimes he forgets he is in a social situation, and rather unpredictable, often wanders off elsewhere while in the middle of something.

He is academically smart, as it seems to be the only thing he is good at and is able to focus on without fail. But thanks to that, he has become a rather socially inept person, as he takes things as literal as it is. He is often unable to figure out social gestures or hints that he does not understand. (example if you say lets hang out, what crosses his mind is hang out = laundry)

Despite so, behind this stoic expression hides his insecurities. As he rarely speaks up or always seem to fail at expressing his own thoughts, this leads him to a habit of penting up and not doing anything about it. Each time he tries to say something, he ends up giving up instead. He has always been a go-along person, a pushover as he finds it hard to say "no" to a request. Being a person who generally is alone most of the time, it leaves room for depressive thoughts, though he would again not do anything about it and just ignore it. He wants to be heard, and to express his own feelings normally like a person should, but yet it seems impossible to him due to his insecurities. He generally envies people who are able to speak up.

[tl;dr : search : Selective Mutism]

+stray animals
+being a wallflower
+listening to others 

- being insecure most of the time
- unnecessary troubles/problems
- not being able to speak up his thoughts


Ethan is the eldest child in the family. His mother fell in love and got married to a French businessman, while in her visits overseas for work purposes. Much to her own parent's displease that she married a non-Japanese, she decided to stay in France to avoid her parents for a few years, and during that span of years gave birth to him and his younger brother, Pierce. Unable to resolve the conflict, the family was forced to move back to Japan, to properly settle the family issue and her mother's actions. Since both his parents were tied up from work, they were forced to leave the two children in the care of the mother's side of the family. Much very often his parents would contact them whenever they can to see how they were doing.

Being the 'foreign' blooded children, the siblings were often treated badly and picked on within the family. Despite so, Ethan was already a quiet child to begin with, so he often was oblivious or just ignores when he was being picked on. The only times he ever stood out was for his younger brother, as his brother was a more happy and cheerful child. Ethan finds that the person he could only consider as 'family' was his brother, and he often dotes his younger brother. Ethan wasn't much of a problem child, he could adapt well with the strict family, as he only thought it was logical to 'just do what they say' so he could avoid unnecessary troubles. The family, especially his grandmother was often the type to shut opinions off, and the typical 'you are not allowed to talk back or reply', and 'i am older than you, you should respect me and do as i say'. Being brought up this way, he begins to fail in voicing out his own opinions, and often keeps quiet and deals with it. This was also how his dislike for adults manifested inside him, for many reasons. His middle school days went by like a breeze, there was not many problems on the academic side since he does pretty well in his studies. Now, enrolling himself in Seiko High, he doesn't really expect much, or maybe a little hopeful, that there will be a change.

His withdrawn personality was shaped throughout the years, and he was not very vocal on his opinions due to his strict family. He follows whatever that is told, leading him to become someone who just follows whatever that is said, and not often makes decision for himself. There is a growing desire in him to be able to speak up for himself, as he was beginning to get tired of being such a pushover and negative about himself, generally not wanting to lose chances to speak up when he should and later regret it.

- there's nothing that really makes him angry, at least nothing so far. even if he gets a tiny bit annoyed with adults. he is too patient and forgiving. ;;
- good at handling kids, way better than handling people his age or older :icondeadbodyplz:
-um collar and chained to himself cause inner self feels constrained, inner suppression and also because he wants to be heard.
-The tattoo on his lower stomach serves as a stamina gauge, it spreads throughout his body whenever he uses his abilities. The more he uses, the more it spreads, especially faster when he uses his special ability. Once it fills his body completely, that marks the end of his stamina, as he will just collapse and pass out. (faint) It will revert back to its original size when he is fully rested --!!
- more Ethan here…

-Juuichi Endou Someone he met recently and enjoys hanging out with!!
-Chio Fukazawa Childhood and current closest friend.
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this character is so awesome and hot! so detailed and everything.  I'm sooooo gonna have to read the whole bio later when i'm not working on homework XD
umbrella-otter Nov 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i cant


this person

personality + looks

i cant

why do you do dis


Kurikuma Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hnnnnng he's so sexy asdfsda :iconheplz:
sighlol Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
senpai is too beauty omf :iconheblushplz:
omfg hes so hot * p *
mazuchi Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
holy hell and back someone's a hottie :iconleleleplz:
mazuchi Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
LET ME FONDLE HIDEAKI INSTEAD/////////////////////
I read the bio and just can say: He is nearly the opposite I expected!xD
I love his character. Totally -

And sorry for double post in here, just wanted to say*cries*
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