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Illegibilus - Daniel Hyland by mazuchi Illegibilus - Daniel Hyland by mazuchi


"Books are easier to read than people--"

updated app... yeh...older app :

 Name: Daniel Hyland
• Nicknames : Dan, Danny, Dana.
• Age: 13
• Gender: Male 
 Height: 4"11 / 150cm
 Weight: 39kg
 Birthday: Sept 1
 Nationality: British
• House: Hufflepuff
• Year:3rd


Mature • Sensible • Smart • Humble • Helpful • Careful • Overthinks • Quiet

A young boy who grew up all too fast and knew what he wanted for himself, despite his petite appearance he holds a level-headed and mature way of thinking. He is always that quiet, obedient boy who plays safe, never complains and just goes along with the idea as long its not something that should not be done or is against his principles. He was born talented, whether in terms of education or wizardry, but almost never flaunts out his talents nor skills, being humble was something he was used to, given the way that it was how he was educated. Often careful, sometimes too careful to the point he overthinks, where it becomes damaging to his own thoughts, and often doubting himself. This usually leads to inner frustration. He has a habit of keeping it in. He still retains his childish most of the time.

:new: After spending more time with people in Hogwarts, he has begun to matured a little more, a little less shy around people than his previous years, and has boosted slightly more confidence in his skills, with the help of his new companions and people he could really consider as his friend.

• Background

In a sweet and caring family, Daniel came in three years after his older sister, Nicole and was raised lovingly by parents that were both gifted with magical abilities. They lived an average yet happy life as their father, Frederick Hyland, supports the family by working for the Department of International Magical Cooperation of the Ministry of Magic while their mother took care of both Nicole and little Daniel at home.

As a young child he was gifted with remarkable and talented skills as a wizard, who grew used to his abilities at a much younger age compared to his sister. Even so, he continued to stay humble and low, never often showing how bright or smart he was, it was something only his family knew. He had always admired his sister, she was a brave and loving sister, and was quick to get attached to her more than her own parents, following her around most often like a young duckling.

He was a very softspoken and timid child, who often preferred to sit around and read instead of playing with other kids, but he always shows alot if enthusiasm when it comes to learning and all of the sorts unlike other kids. In a way this made him a more observative, and wiser compared to other kids of his age. He often places others importance above his, and always considerate especially towards his sister, who is someone he adores and looks upto the most. He always knew about his sister feeling inferior compared to him, but he kept quiet about it.

He continued to stay at home after his sister went to Hogwarts, and he quietly anticipated the time where he too was allowed to attend Hogwarts. He was thrilled and patiently anticipated the time that he could finally attend the school. Often missing his dear sister, he waited and waited, till the time comes when the letter was delivered to his doorsteps. His parents sent him off, and told him to always stay within Nicole's sight. His sister later showed him around and brought him to shop for
 equipment he needs for his first year at Hogwarts.

Before the term's first dinner in the school's Great Hall, the first-years are allocated to houses by the Sorting Hat. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, and at first he was secretly disappointed that he could not be in Gryffindor, where his sister was housed in but later on convinced himself that Hufflepuff is just as great as any other house in Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat is never wrong. He met Ein along the way and was quick to make friends with her during his first year, given that she was a sweetie that was also in Hufflepuff, then he later is grateful that he is able to make his first friend in Hogwarts. He excelled in spell classes and potion making, and does a little above average when it comes to theoretical based subjects.  He is now entering his second year, and he hopes to improve on his social abilities and become a little less shy and dependant towards his sister.

:new: A year has passed, and he hasn't done much apart from getting to know new friends.

• Family: 
    Father: Frederick Hyland (pureblood wizard)
    Mother: Cecillia Hyland (muggleborn witch)
    Sibling: Nicole Hyland (5th year)

 Likes & Dislikes:

    + The smell of books
    + Learning
    + Spell classes and potion making
    + Reading
    + Following his sister around
    + School 

    - Dolls or Puppets
    - Bullies
    - Cheaters

• Elective Classes:
    Study of Ancient Runes
    Care for Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
Earth Magic
Magical Theory

• Spells:

    Lumos Charm - Lumos

  • Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.

    Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus
  • Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully.

    Unbreakable Charm 

  • Causes a mundane object to become unbreakable by physical means, though strong magic can still destroy it.

• Wand Ingredients 
    Core: Phoenix Feather Core
    Length: Twelve and Three Quarter Inches
    Wood: Sycamore
    Flexibility: Slightly Springy

• Extra 
    - Still finds it difficult to be alone at times, especially in places he is unfamiliar with. Would usually memorise so
    that he doesnt get lost!
    - Could usually be seen in the library reading up plenty of books.
    - Very softspoken, doesn't say anything unless asked.
    - Good at keeping secrets shh
    - Quite good at getting out of trouble, prior to the reason of always getting into trouble with his sister
    - Left Handed.


    • Name : August
    • Species : Parakeet
    • Gender : Female
    • Personality : chill. indifferent. brave. motherly

The parakeet was a pet he got on his second year, as a gift from his parent. It was given on the month of August, thus the name. August displayed a very distant and indifferent behaviour towards Daniel, which causes him worry most of the time. ("D-Does she not like me--??") but soon he realises it was just how she really is, a quiet companion, she somewhat enjoys looking at Daniel read. She always seem unmoved and stagnant like a still bird most of the time, to the point of being mistaken as one. Squawks when displeased or dislikes someone or something. 


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